Working closely with Hammersmith Construction Services as a general contractor.  We set out to replace the EPDM roof system of buildings E and F of the Peloton Condominium Association.  This project entailed the most geometrically designed tapered ISO system we have installed to date.  All drainage points of the roof were parapet wall scuppers located at various points of the perimeter which made the tapered installation quite challenging.

Not your average roofing project.

This project posed another challenge with having 52 banks of 4 A/C units installed on stands that were placed directly on top of the roof.  We worked closely with the HVAC company to disconnect, move, and reset each individual unit and bank so the roofing system could be replaced.  We worked closely with engineers and our metal fabrication team to design a parapet wall cap and coping system that would withstand hurricane force winds.  We finished out this project with the installation of a fully adhered 60 mil EPDM system as specified for this project. 


sq. ft. of Tapered ISO System

4 Months


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